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Mobile Marketing

The opportunity

The rapid growth in mobile phone ownership has opened a new, mass marketing channel for marketers to reach their target market. Direct, responsive and measurable, mobile marketing is emerging as a key element of the marketing mix.

Mobile marketing integrates across the marketing mix to drive the effectiveness of both above and below the line activities. Delivering:

  • Direct marketing channel to customers
  • Clean, uncluttered environment to maximize the impact of the marketing message
  • Context and time relevant marketing medium
  • Instant response mechanism delivering true one to one communication
  • A digital medium enabling deep campaign measurement and analysis

Marketers are deploying mobile to strategically drive customer acquisition, retention and improved relationships. Campaign tactics include an instant response mechanism allowing all cell phone users to respond using a one button reply for convenience and an immediate call to order with our most popular mobile marketing campaigns.

The challenge

Engaging and effective mobile marketing campaigns reflect an understanding of the existing mobile habits of the target market. The unique and personal nature of mobile communication dictates an approach that is clear, actionable, engaging and instantly rewarding for consumers.

  • How does the target market currently use mobile?
  • The effective integration of the campaign across multiple elements of the marketing mix
  • Ensuring a positive customer experience as a key driver for response and uptake
  • Building long term value out of data collection
  • Operating within the regulatory and legal guidelines for mobile marketing

The solution

Working with our clients, we provide the knowledge, experience and technology to plan, build and execute successful mobile marketing campaigns.

Through almost 100 mobile services operated across the globe, our insight and learning has helped companies operate campaigns that engage their target market, drive response and deliver key customer insight and learning.

  • Case studies coming soon

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