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If information is power, then isn't having access to information anywhere and at any time infinite power? This is certainly a vision that CosmiCell has shared with its clients with great acceptance from the very beginning of its existence. The careful planning and studies from the east, where SMS has taken the country to technological extremes, where traditional media has failed recently, have shown CosmiCell the do’s and don’t's in the business before launch of its company in the United States in 2003.
CEO Randall McFall:   Founder of  CosmiCell who has his degree in Business administration. With his love for technology and the ability to create businesses from the ground up. He has formed an alliance of associates with the unique abilities to take this new media of SMS/MMS to the top and put large and small businesses directly in the hands of the consumer. For Business inquiries in North America contact CEO@CosmiCell.com
Let's face it. It's all about the numbers and case studies have proven this SMS/MMS media to be the most effective when it comes to R.O.I. for the advertising dollar compared to the traditional TV, Radio, and Print of the past. We, here at CosmiCell, truly believe in a diverse advertising portfolio. But any smart business owner knows to concentrate on the largest R.O.I. possible. Drop us an E-mail, give us a call or better yet send us an SMS text message =)
With access to over 40 million permission based mobile phone users, CosmiCell can effectively bring the world to your door asking for your product or service.
We all believe in the visions and goals of CosmiCell where, with responsible advertising to permission based members, we can assure the United States will not become what other parts of the world have become by spamming people's cell phones. Spamming is illegal in the U.S. We have all seen what email spamming has done to our computers and here at CosmiCell we make it our #1 priority to protect our members’ information and respect their privacy.
Jeff Chief Designer/Webmaster-Jeff Hagemeier:  Truly the man behind the scene with such a creative talent that we here at CosmiCell are astounded by his work on a daily basis. Jeff has done many fine works for CosmiCell and on the web. We have asked him to put together a photo gallery of his work to show him off. He certainly has a God given talent that he is excelling with on a daily basis. So keep checking back as he is putting it together and it should be available soon. Contact our DesignDept@CosmiCell.com and ask for Jeff with any design work you may need in your business. Putting together our creative SMS campaigns are a second nature for Jeff.
As CosmiCell has been doing large scale campaigns for companies basically in the U.S.  We found many small businesses wanting to jump on the band wagon but just could not afford the large scale campaigns. So CosmiCell is now opening up our business to large and small companies alike. We are proud to also announce our new Affiliate Program which will be launched shortly to go hand in hand with our local campaigns by allowing everyone to share in the profits. We find sharing our success to be the most rewarding part of our work. Here at CosmiCell, we vow that the day we stop having fun at what we are doing is the day we close our doors. So come join us and lets all have a ball =)

CosmiCell would like to thank you for taking the time to meet our Executive Team and we all hope to hear from you with any comments, suggestions or questions you may have for us. We are looking for skilled individuals and companies with our same interests to form relations and strategic partnerships. Please contact our C.E.O. at CEO@CosmiCell.com for inquires about possible employment and strategic partnerships.

For SMS campaigns contact our Sales Department at: Sales@CosmiCell.com

Wishing Peace and Prosperity Always,

The CosmiCell Team

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